About Charitable Heart

Charitable Heart offers personalized and comprehensive business, e-business and social media management services.  Our professional team delivers the necessary research, tools, and support you desire in order to develop, sustain, or expand marketplace recognition of your product.  We provide quality and professional services that are affordable so that you have time to develop your business without struggling to manage the operational components vital to your growth as an emerging artist.  

It's simple.  As a self-representing artist, you are all elements of your business - every position, every function, every expectation.  Our goal is to connect emerging artists with revenue opportunities within their community, including mutually beneficial relationships and using art to support great causes

We can help build and support the sustainability of your business.  Our clients enjoy a business relationship that is free from internal competition, allowing each artist the opportunity to fully develop their genre using specialty and niche marketplaces as catalysts for growing their businesses.   We provide a full menu of business and e-business management solutions that are designed to take your marketplace to the next level.

Each member of our team is a fellow artist which means we understand the creative process that goes in to everything you do.   At Charitable Heart, we'll take your creative input seriously.  We recognize that no two clients are ever the same. That is why we focus on customizing our services based on your individual needs. We take the time to understand your short- and long- term goals in order to provide a collaborative, functional, and result-driven business plan.

Your satisfaction is our number one priority. Period. No gimmicks. No empty promises. Let us guide you through the constructive process to set the stage while you build your own scene.  Charitable Heart wants to be your reliable stage manager.  We show you how to keep your vision alive and blooming with personalized data management and performance tracking systems.